Mariah O’Brien interiors is a boutique residential and commercial interior design firm established in 2004.  Our aim is to provide beautiful and imaginative environments for your home, work and creative spaces.

It is our belief that the perfect style is one which compliments your life and aesthetic and affords you the luxury of true comfort and ease in your surroundings.

Our approach follows that of most modern classics:

  • Trust in the simplicity of color and form
  • Work with space and not against it
  • Draw inspiration from all aspects of art
  • Provide that which has not yet been provided

We approach an interior space like a work of art, with it’s colors, textures and furnishings as it’s medium.  Because a home is the most personal expression of one’s inner life, we are dedicated to offering a level of service that is not only passionate and meticulous but only ends with the creation of the most aesthetic space our clients can imagine.

We appreciate your time and interest and look forward to working with you in the future.

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